Watch Claire Roche Live Worldwide - Sunday Jan. 19th

Claire Roche with Songs, Piano and Stories -  
Live Webcast Online - January 19th .
tune in anywhere in the world with internet !  - times in different timezones below

pay with any currency

Claire Roche is Live Online performing songs, piano and stories
intimate concert show from Woodford House, Co. Dublin  -

tune in for the next show of Claire with songs and piano Sunday January 19th.
times for different timezones given below
Available to watch through your favourite web browser
through your laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, 
and any device that can connect with the internet

Here are the concert times for some timezones around the world ,,,

  • Most of Europe 10 pm
  • Ireland and UK 9 pm
  • Newfoundland 5:30 pm, 
  • Atlantic ST 5 pm
  • Eastern ST 4 pm, 
  • Central ST 3 pm 
  • Mountain ST 2 pm, 
  • Pacific ST 1 pm, 
  • Alaska Time mid day, 
  • Hawaii Time 11 pm
  • Western Australia 9th January 5 am
  • Eastern Australia 9th January 7 am
  • New Zealand 9th January 8 am

This concert is Live Online ... sort of Busking Online

Like with most stage concerts, and busking, there will not be 
an archive version to watch later on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

Enjoy the audience craic and intimacy 
that is not possible with a recorded concert.

Performance will be at least 30 minutes
and will probably last 40 or 50 minutes
but feel free to pop in and out when you like during this time
as you will not disturb anyone :-) 

Only $1 per ticket - book through here or the red button or pic above

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