Watch Claire Roche live worldwide - Weds, Jan 8th

Claire Roche with Songs, Harps and Stories - 
Live Webcast Online Weds. Jan. 8th
people tuned in around the world with internet !

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Claire Roche was Live Online performing songs, harps and stories
intimate concert show from Woodford House, Co. Dublin  -
These shows are available to watch through your favourite web browser
through your laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, 
and any device that can connect with the internet
almost anywhere in the world

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Here was the set list through this broadcast

Brian Boru's March (traditional)
Like A Child Dancing In The Wind (Yeats poem into song)
Siúil a Rúin (traditional)
Gabhain Mota Brida (Brighid's Song - traditional)
Sitting In A Green Field
He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven (Yeats poem into song)
Fields Of Fasseroe
Clergyman's Lamentation/Star Of The County Down (traditional)
Robin's Jaunt (part traditional, two harps)
The Longing

(encore ...)

The Spinning Wheel (traditional)
Parting Glass (unacompanied, traditional)

Here were the concert times for some timezones around the world ,,,

  • Most of Europe midnight
  • Ireland and UK 11 pm
  • Newfoundland 7:30 pm, 
  • Atlantic ST 7 pm
  • Eastern ST 6 pm, 
  • Central ST 5 pm 
  • Mountain ST 4 pm, 
  • Pacific ST 3 pm, 
  • Alaska Time 2 pm, 
  • Hawaii Time 1 pm
  • Western Australia 9th January 7 am
  • Eastern Australia 9th January 9 am
  • New Zealand 9th January 10 am

This concert was Live Online ... sort of Busking Online

Like with most stage concerts, and busking, there is never 
an archive version to watch later on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

Enjoy the audience craic and intimacy 
that is not possible with a recorded concert.

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