How To Watch Us Live Online

We are currently using the Concert Window streaming service

Getting into a concert

No extra software or apps needed
Just click the 'click here for the event page' link that is posted with the event,

Click the red 'Pay what you want' button

Minimum ticket cost is only one dollar paid with your own currency
using most debit and credit cards, no PayPal yet though.

If you are new, this will also sign you up into Concert Window

Don't forget to click the 'Remind Me' and 'Follow' tabs on the Concert Window Event Page.

When it is concert time, watch through your browser and enjoy.

Alternatively, buy a low cost monthly subscription ticket
Watch as many shows as you like every month

Minimum subscription is $5 per month paid with your own currency
and your card is NOT charged for the first 30 days
and you can cancel anytime - even during the first 30 days.

Click here to buy a monthly subscription

Make it social

There is a comment box beside the viewing screen.
Use that to make requests, ask questions and chat with others in the audience.
Of course, feel free to contribute through the Tip Jar to help us along.

Best ways to watch a show

I have discovered that the Concert Windows shows play and sound better through iPads, iPhones, tablets and smart phones than through laptops and desktops, but still look and sound good on computers.

What this means is that you do not have to avoid a show because you are not near a computer. Any mobile device in a wi-fi spot or on a good data plan is perfect for viewing.

Why pay anything while YouTube, Vimeo etc. is free?

First, no pop up adverts to annoy your viewing.
The social craic through the live comment box is fun and greatly adds to the event.
Once you join in you will enjoy the value of doing that.

Performers always have to make some investment to make these shows possible
as mics, cameras, mixers and performing space are not free
plus Concert Window have bandwidth and equipments expenses too
so some funding participation from viewers is essential, but its also minimal.

Artist and venue gets 66% of takings, Concert Window gets the rest.

I've watched free shows on the new expanded Google Hangouts
and I've watched shows on Concert Window
... and Concert Windows shows broadcast much, much better, I find.

Looking forward to you joining us :-) 

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